Backdoors To The Metaverse

A few backdoor investing plays on the new Metaverse trend...

The Metaverse. The future? Or just another crypto fad?

Probably both… which means it is worth paying attention to as investors. So how do you play it? Well, you could go out and buy individual tokens such as MANA, AXS, or SAND. But here at CoinSnacks, we always like to give a few backdoor plays into the trends worth looking into.

1. The Iffy Option

Yesterday, a Canadian investment company, Tokens (NEO:COIN) purchased 116 parcels of virtual land in Decentraland for a total of 618,000 MANA (worth about $2.5 million). The company also recently bought 833 million SHIB tokens, so interpret that as you will.

2. The Crowdfunding Play

Realm Metaverse Real Estate is currently raising money on Republic to acquire, manage, develop, and sell digital parcels in metaverses in the form of NFTs

3. The Diversified Public Company

Galaxy Interactive, which is owned by publicly traded Galaxy Digital (GLXY), has dedicated $650m to invest in the metaverse.

4. The Old School Players

Don’t ignore the legacy companies as they may be best poised to pivot into the metaverse. Start your research by checking out the companies contained in the Roundhill META ETF.