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We’re Doxxing Ourselves. Here’s Why.

We know it’s awfully late to do so… but we also know that it’s easier to trust individuals, than it is a company.

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed writing CoinSnacks anonymously.

It was cool – we never wanted to be the face of anything. We could say whatever we wanted (within reason, of course) and not get criticized too!

It was also easy. Crypto embraced anonymity. Teams were raising hundreds of millions of dollars using a picture of a cat as their avatar.

But we’ve gotten to the point in our lives where… we now figure, screw it.

What do we really have to hide anyway?

We’re not some faceless entity. We’re two friends from Florida… who went to school together… who have worked together ever since. And not just on CoinSnacks, but in random niches such as traditional finance, bartending, longevity biotech, and even psychedelics. We built companies, some did well, some landed with a thud – the full bootstrapped startup rollercoaster.

And while anonymity was comfy, a nagging truth emerged: we built a 60,000+ subscriber strong newsletter, yet nobody knew who we were. When Mark Cuban gave a shout-out to onepagecrypto.com (our new side hustle), he had no idea who to tag.

Notably absent is a tag to your friendly CoinSnacks authors. We’re also not technically a Cuban company but thats a story for another day.

It was a reality check, a slap in the face of the disconnect.

Anyway, we’re writing this today to simply just introduce ourselves.

Not because it’s trendy (or because we need to up our Twitter game) but because you deserve to know the humans behind the screen, the ones who curate your crypto news and pepper it with original insights, important questions, and the occasional cheesy Editor’s Note.

We know it’s awfully late to do so… but we also know that it’s easier to trust individuals, than it is a company.

With AI on the rise, it’s becoming harder to differentiate between what’s real and what’s fake. And now, an ever-increasing amount of content you read online will be produced by AI (hell, even the email software we use to write to you is pushing us to use AI).

But what you’ll get from us is real – not some coagulated, commingling of thoughts spewed by a dataset. We question everything. We research everything we write. And we do our best to speak to people like us – typical investors who don’t want to be caught in the fray of mainstream bullshit.

Either way, hopefully this makes people realize that we are just humans.

We’ll sometimes make mistakes. We’re always going to try and run a profitable business, so yes – there will still be ads. And we’re not AI robots or employees of some conglomerate.

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