Remembering Life 1.0

Are any of you confused or frustrated by some of these crypto narratives?

In today’s crazy world of crypto, we have the rapid onboarding into DeFi, NFTs, Web 3.0, DAOs, Metaverse, etc… coinciding with batches of “experts,” VCs, and brands telling us (whether you like it or not) what the future entails and how you better get with it.

Are any of you confused and/or frustrated by some of these narratives? Do any of you feel like some of this stuff is being pushed down your throat? Well… if so, we wanted to let you that you’re not alone.

Put it this way…

When we were first learning about Bitcoin and crypto, we were extremely excited (and still are) about how this innovative tech could directly impact humanity.

Sovereignty, freedom, protection against corruption…

It was all meant to improve our quality of life in the REAL world… not in a weird, dystopian online virtual world filled with collectibles (NFTs/Metaverse), non-transparent APYs (DeFi), and consensus-driven decision-makers (DAOs).

Now, don’t get us wrong, we aren’t saying these things are all scams (they aren’t), or that they won’t change the world (they will!). Not even close. Many of these initiatives are indeed good things for society and will contribute to the much-needed removal of rent-seekers.

But still, we cannot forget about what life is truly about.

The truth is that our younger (and future) generations are progressively distancing themselves from reality. While COVID hasn’t helped, we are increasingly stuck on our computers at home or in an office, siloed away from each other. As a result, some have caved into social media’s toxicity and have become a cog in the loneliness epidemic.

At the end of the day – with our without crypto – we’re all still humans who value connection, story-telling, the outdoors, love, adventures, health, and individual rights.

Our mental, physical, and social health will not be cured in a virtual world.